Halfway to Winter: A Midsummer's Night Post

Yes, It's me. You may be surprised to see a post from 406 in July. No more surprised I'm sure than Eric, Krista, and the rest of the PCMR staff who figure I drop off the earth this time of year. 

I took note of today's date and realized we're at a halfway point. Halfway through summer, halfway to next winter; however you prefer to look at it. You see, three months ago this week we closed our winter operations for 2009-10 and three months from now, we (the patrol) start our early training for the 2010-11 season. While it really feels like summer just started (we had a pretty good snowstorm over Father's Day weekend) folks are already getting set for the upcoming winter. I think Hutch even started to dig into the hiring process for our latest crop of rookies and I'm making preparations to travel with Colin in October to the biennial International Snow Science Workshop (held this year at Squaw).

For now, it's time to embrace the now and the heat of summer. Today I took a long ride up in the hills along just a bit our extensive network of single-track. Had great views along the Wasatch Crest of the high peaks and wildflowers.



I even ran into the PCMR sawyer crew (all patrollers of course) on their lunch break where CMG meets the Mid Mountain Trail at Hidden Splendor. Speaking of winter preparations, they are thinning the woods between Powder Keg and Assessment to open up some new lines. It was good to see Andrew, Jeff, CB, Manky, Ben, Mandy, Mike, Tessa, and Stu (nice pants by the way Stu). We shared some lunch and laughs; generally caught up on the last few months of our lives.

In a couple weeks my wife and I will pack up the dogs and head out to our camp on Lake Superior for the rest of the summer. A chance to trade the mountain bikes for road bikes, canoes and kayaks; trade world-class Park City cuisine for fried fish, pasties (pAAst-EEs) and beer. When we return in late September, we'll be that much closer to the first snowfall and another winter season. Until then, be sure to get outside and enjoy the Wasatch in summer.