Andy and Zeke in the Alps part 2

Hutch and I did hear from Andy this morning. Sounds like his little boy Zeke enjoyed the traveling and all is well in Andermatt and the Gasthaus Altkirch. Just looking over the menu of the hotel makes me jealous, let alone the fact that they are in the middle of the Alps in January. Here's his news:

Hey Hutch,

Well everything went well getting here; Zeke slept for about 8 hours on the flight and stared at people the other 2 hours. He was great through all the airports and the craziness that is Swiss trains.
Day one just concluded, lots of digging huge holes and a chance to run zeke though a couple phase 2 problems. My instructor Marcel took me on a "conditioning" tour as well; 2000 vertical feet from 2 train stops over and then skied back to Andermatt. This place is crazy huge. Tracy and i are going to try and send some photos in our next email.
Overall, traveling with a dog overseas is crazy and the mountains here are insane. We seem to be on to day 2. thanks again for all your help setting this up.