Andy and Zeke in the Alps part 3

Here's the last 2 days in the life of Andy and Zeke. We hope to get some pictures from them soon:

Not sure what day this is, I think its sunday evening. After dinner we are doing a mock night search on the mountain with skins, beacons and the recco unit, this should be interesting at night. 
Zeke is doing great, Marcel loves him and he is using us as examples to demonstrate the next progression in the phase drills. Long days of digging and standing and then standing and digging, but it is going well.  Many great dogs and very knowledgeable handlers, or
hundefuhrers as they are called here. We started using vorst(sausage) in the hole with Zeke and he is really loving it.  I'll try to keep you posted as well as i can as the days progress. Now time for dinner and then some crazy night searchin'. Talk soon....

And then from last night:

Just finished day 3, got to use a site at about 3000m (around 10,000ft); it was amazing. Zeke did some crazy modified phase 4 with a blind walk around and two burials, but he did great, as I knew he would. then we finished on a phase 3 to finish on something a little easier and fun. Marcel's knowledge is never ending.

I took about 1000 photos today, mostly of the surroundings and Zeke, but what do you expect. Mark, I can see why you are always talking about this place. It's very impressive, like the cottonwoods, but cooler and with big mountains. If Tracy sends out any photos tonight, I will try to have him include your emails to we can post them on the PC site. Thanks for keeping the masses updated. Talk soon, time for dinner....which also means time for some house wine and weissbeir!!
Andy VanHouten