Andy and Zeke in the Alps part 4

A final update from Andy and Zeke:


Hey guys, this will probably be my last email. We just finished the last day, everyone in my group did there first official "blind" test. All the dogs did great. Then they set up a crazy problem for Zeke and I; 3 burials, one rucksack and then a random beacon drill. It took us 27 minutes for the 3 people and the rucksack and 4 minutes on the beacon. The site was probably 300mx150, pretty flippin' huge. I was really proud of my little buddy, he did great!
The photo is from our lunch break on Wednesday, we decided to stay at the site and relax instead of running down to the mid station for some grub.
Tonight we have a little ceremony to hand out some awards and honor an instructor that is retiring. Tomorrow morning, we tear down the kennels, do a little clean up and we are done around 9 or 10. Other than that, I'll be back in town Sunday evening and should be at work monday. Minus one dog though; he needs some quiet time at home.
Hutch and Mark, make sure my team is pulling their weight around summit, and tell Connor thanks for covering for me. Thanks for the communication support over this trip.
Thank you Andy and Zeke for representing PCMR at ICAR. We look forward to hearing your tales of the Alps. As for life back here in the Wasatch, I'm happy to say winter is finally here! We've picked up over 2 feet of new snow in the last few days and more is on it's way through the weekend.