Through The Lens: Making Snow

A cold snap has moved in and we're getting back to what we do best here at Park City Mountain Resort: making it snow. Working at night gives you some great views of Park City that most people never see. Add a tripod, camera and a timer for long exposures, and the detail of the night is easy to capture. If you can deal with the cold and be patient, the camera will pick up things you didn't know were there. Enjoy! (all photos courtesy: Dylan Felton)

town-from-king-con-ridge Looking down into town from King Con Ridge.

georgiana-trackpack Setting a nice trackpack down Tycoon.

Over the last few weeks we have been confined to the upper part of the mountain preparing Mid Mountain and Jonseys with access to McConkey's lift. Now this cold stretch allows us to move to King Con, Pay Day and Silver Queen runs with two shifts working 24/7. So fingers crossed for some more natural snow and cold temps.

m18-dylan That's me checking out one of the M18 snowguns blasting a whale on PayDay run.

vinny-on-jonesy-s One of my snowmaking teammates Vinny sets a snowgun on Jonesy's run.

You may have seen the new set of lights on King Con Ridge too as we get Neffland up and running.

blog-neffland Brand new snowguns make their own storm in preparation for Neffland's features to be moved in.

Next week and beyond looks great for snowmaking, with single digit and low teens forecasted overnight we can run our system to capacity. Our next moves will be Temptation and Broadway to complete the King Con circuit with runs such as Sitka, Shamus and Parley's Park in the near future. 

thaynes A nice bed of snow underneath Thaynes lift as the sun comes up.

Keep thinking cold temps and we'll blast those guns to get more runs open for you!