Through the Lens: Snowmaking and Grooming Under the Stars

With good temperatures and natural snowfall, the snowmaking crew has been able to complete the King Con loop with Sitka and Shamus finished and Combustion ready to be pushed out and groomed. We have had some brutal nights with wind not always in a favourable direction, which can make things all that more difficult on steep runs such as CB's. But the piles are ready to be pushed for the racers on CB's while we prepare Picabo's.

sitka-winch-2-blog A winch cat does its work on Sitka after dark.


king-con-light-blog Snowmakers and groomers work under the passing stars - and through the winter elements - to get King Con ready - it's open now.


top-of-cb-s-justin-blog Snowmaker Justin sets a snowmaking gun on CB's while town glows below.

The pipe is getting closer and closer each day, and once each wall is pushed the snow will be used for building Pick 'n Shovel. King's Crown will once again be a park this year, and we will continue to make snow far into next week to build the expert park.

blanche-blog Blowing snow on Blanche during the day...


blanche-at-night-dylan-blog ...and grooming it out at night for NASTAR racing - now open!


quit-n-time-at-night-blog Blowing snow on Quit 'N Time, one of the runs leading directly down to Main Street - now open!

With each storm that moves through and leaves us a cold air mass, single-digit nights will make our job easier.  So when you walk to the pub or sit in front of a warm fire, spare a thought for our crew standing under a snowgun somewhere.