A "Hometown" 4th of July

The Grillmeister is always one of the most popular people at a summer bbq - turns out the same goes for a 4th of July parade float! As the lucky guy manning the grill on the resort's float this year, it was so cool to catch waves, cheers and hot dog requests from parade-goers along the entire route - from the top of Main St to City Park. And what a day it was for a parade!

kpcw-high-new (kpcw-high-new)
photo: Nate Vineyard/KPCW radio

Park City Mountain Resort has always felt a special connection to the town it calls home - from watching our long-time season pass holders return year after year to hosting the Town Race series to watching local youth program participants grow up and compete at the highest levels of the sport. So when this year's "Hometown" parade theme was announced, we could not have been more excited to get to work on our float.

float-wide-charlotte-new (float-wide-charlotte-new)
photo: Charlotte Edwards/Park City Mountain Resort

A Jupiter Peak replica, featuring its own maunually-operated confetti fireworks show, was the float's centerpiece, with a mini wind turbine modeled after the real thing that debuted near the top of Motherlode lift last winter. Balloons, the grill, our very own Uncle Sam riding shotgun and some speakers thumping a playlist of USA-themed jams kept the crowd - one of the biggest many parade vets could ever recall - cheering and dancing all at the same time.

walkers-eric-new (walkers-eric-new)
photo: Eric Hoffman/Park City Mountain Resort

We were also joined by a very special group who accompanied the float down the parade route: team members, families, long-time resort guests and even a couple of our mountain patrol rescue dog teams!

eric-girls-new (eric-girls-new)
photo: Eric Hoffman/Park City Mountain Resort

Park City is our hometown and makes our mountain what it is - there's no "Park City Mountain Resort" without "Park City," after all. So a special thank you goes out to all of you who lined the parade route and celebrated a special day with us.

As for all those on-the-fly hot dog requests, I'm sorry I couldn't help all of you out. Hopefully you got your fill over at City Park.