Burgers, Fries, and Shakes! OH MY!


burger-002 (burger-002)

Anyone who's given our Alpine Coaster a spin can tell you that screaming your way through hair-pin curves is a great way to work up an appetite. And apparently so is scaling our Adventure Zone's Climbing Wall or Spider Slide, judging by the number of kids I've seen barrel out of there with the unmistakable "FEED ME" look parents know and dread. 

So it's in that spirit that we've brought our brand new Crescent Burger shack to the Resort Base Area this summer.  Featuring made-to-order burgers, handcut fries and homemade shakes just steps from the PayDay Lift - Crescent can satisfy the meanest burger fix while keeping you within shouting distance of the Resort's summer adventures.  Crescent's grill is hot and open for business during the Resort's scheduled summer operating hours.

But I can't blog about Crescent Burger without being a true connoisseur.  So I stopped by to check it out - only to responsibly inform you, our blog readers.  It's a dirty job.  Here's a peek...


Seriously, Check Out That menu!

There's just about no way you can't get your burger done (or your hot dog, if you prefer) 

burger-003 (burger-003)


 Oh Yeah.

So my burger-buddy in line gave me the inside scoop on "fry sauce". This guy helped himself to some of his own.

burger-004 (burger-004)


Order It YOUR Way!

The three guys in front of me got their burgers three different ways, each was psyched about how they turned out.

burger-005 (burger-005)


"Chocolate Shake Me, Ken!"

Everyone at Crescent is trained on fixing homemade shakes the right way. This time it was Ken helping me out.

home-makeover-visits-pcmr-002 (home-makeover-visits-pcmr-002)


 The Secret Move

This is my favorite part. The inside-the-cup-chocolate-swirl. Extra tasty.

home-makeover-visits-pcmr-001 (home-makeover-visits-pcmr-001)


 And Served With a Smile

Ken was mugging for the camera - but with a sweet chocolate shake like that to show off, who can blame him??

home-makeover-visits-pcmr-0041 (home-makeover-visits-pcmr-0041)