Congratulations to Our Winter Games Athletes!

We were so proud to see our own Sage Kotsenburg (gold - Snowboard Slopestyle), Joss Christensen (gold - Ski Slopestyle), Ted Ligety (gold - Giant Slalom) and Torah Bright (silver - Snowboard Halfpipe) represent their countries - and us - so well at the Sochi Winter Games. With 3 golds and 1 silver medal, Team PCMR athletes would have finished 14th in the official Sochi medal standings! As their longtime home mountain, we have been a part of their Winter Games journeys for years, so it was thrilling to cheer them on with the rest of Park City and watch them become Olympic medalists (Ted and Torah both for the second time).

Park City All Star Sage Kotsenburg made history by becoming the first ever Snowboard Slopestyle gold medalist in the Winter Games - and became a media sensation immediately after. P: NBC Olympics

The coolest thing about our relationship with Sage, Joss, Ted and Torah is the fact that they don't just call PCMR their home mountain - it IS their home mountain. Whenever they have downtime between competitions or film shoots, they can be seen here riding our lifts, shredding our parks or hitting their favorite powder stashes. They all love skiing and riding here, several of them for most of their lives, and we're proud to have played a part in their growth and journey along "The Road to Sochi."

By winning gold in men's Giant Slalom - Ted Ligety became the first American male in Olympic history to win multiple alpine skiing gold medals (he won his first at the 2006 Torino Games). P: AP Photo/Andy Wong

Of course, all this makes you wonder if a future Winter Games athlete is out there on our snow while you read this, bashing gates in one of our youth programs or learning a new trick in the Eagle Superpipe. With our strong connection to the Olympic movement, and the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team's headquarters in our backyard, it wouldn't surprise us.

Sochi Olympics Freestyle Skiing Men
Park City All Star Joss Christensen was the final addition to the U.S. Olympic Ski Slopestyle team, but ended up with his own golden moment in Sochi. P: Christophe Pallot/Agence Zoom/Getty

So next time you're waiting to drop into Neff Land, riding up McConkey's Lift, or grabbing a burrito at The Shack - keep your eyes open for one of our Sochi Winter Games gold medalists. Or a future PyeongChang 2018 champion.

Torah Bright won silver for Australia in Snowboard Halfpipe, making her the most decorated female Winter Games athlete in her country's history. P: Sydney Morning Herald