Get Out of Jail Free with our 'Powder Flu' Doctor's Note

Snow's on the way - with around a foot and a half expected to fall on the mountain between today and Saturday morning!

If you're eager to drop everything and get out for some powder turns - but have an obligation that's jamming you up - don't worry because we've got you covered with a completely authentic replica Powder Flu doctor's note that no one will be remotely suspicious of. Use it to:

*ditch work for a morning and get reacquainted with your favorite powder stash
*explain to your roommates or loved one why you're physically unable to jump on those chores
*cancel that date you've booked (but without her deleting your number)
*keep your teacher or professor off your back for missing class (Just kidding, stay in school, kids!)

It's simple: (1) keep up with our latest conditions HERE (2) print out the Powder Flu note below. You're welcome, powderhounds!