If You're Not Doing Sundance at Park City Mountain Resort, You're Not Really Doing Sundance

For 10 days every year, during the middle of the winter season, an influx of Sundance Film Festival movie-goers and party crashers turns the town of Park City inside out - but also makes for some of the best skiing of the year!


Restaurant reservations can be tough to come by and hotel rooms fill up early, because virtually everyone in town is here for something other than making turns - let's just say their idea of a manicured groomer is different from ours. That also means, however, short lift lines and wide open turns across 3,300 acres of world-class terrain blanketed by a few months' worth of Utah snowfall. 

If you're here for the festival and get a couple free hours, rent some gear and take a few runs on the mountain. If time is short you can come on over and experience the banks, drops and turns of Utah's longest alpine coaster! Or if you can't figure out what exactly you want to do, surf our complete Winter Information page and learn all the amazing things you can do on the mountain. We're so close to town, so you can still fit in all the Sundance parties when you're done - or even squeeze in an evening Sundance movie.

You've come all this way to the mountains, so take advantage of one of North America's best ski towns! Otherwise you might as well just be in boring old Cannes.