Amazing Mothers Day Chairlift Surprise

Sunday was Mothers Day in the U.K. (don't worry, you've got til May 12 if you're reading this in the USA), but while Wendy Edwards was enjoying a bluebird day here with us, her sweet son Kurt was back home in England and wanted to do something nice for his mum. What's a son to do? Kurt reached out to us, and a plan was hatched...

While honoring the U.K. observance of Mothers Day isn't exactly in our lifties' job descriptions, making our guests' experience on the mountain as special as possible is - and our amazing lift ops crew was up to the challenge. While the lifties working PayDay Lift that morning were asked to keep an eye out for Wendy, another grabbed some paper and a set of markers for arts & crafts duty. Sure enough, when Wendy came through the lift line and her ticket was scanned, our lift crew was tipped off and Wendy's chair number was noted. Team members at the base of the lift phoned the shack up top with the chair information and when Wendy's chair unloaded, Lift Operations Manager Jeff Marzka was waiting with a special Mothers Day greeting for Wendy from her son, arranged all the way from across the Atlantic Ocean.

The proud mom shared a photo of the big moment with us with a wonderful note, "Thanks to all the staff..and our creative children." All in a day's work for our tremendous lifties, Wendy!

Friendly reminder to any sons or daughters reading this: as of the date of this blog post, you have exactly two months to top Kurt!

Park City Mountain Resort Lift Operations Manager Jeff Marzka greets the proud mother at the top of PayDay lift on Sunday.