PCMR on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Ty Pennington and his crew with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition visited Park City Mountain Resort this summer while they were building a new home for a deserving family in the Salt Lake City suburb of South Jordan - and you can watch the episode this Sunday night! Ty sent designers Paige, Michael and Xzibit to the Resort in search of a fun and exciting piece to bring back to the home, and we were honored to donate a special artifact from Park City Mountain Resort's past to the project. You can check out all the fun the show had on the mountain Sunday night, but in the meantime check out these behind-the-scenes pics from their shoot. Extreme Makeover airs Sunday nights on your local ABC station, check your local listings for a time.

makeover-1-sized (makeover-1-sized)

Show designers Xzibit, Paige and Michael find their way to Park City Mountain Resort - unsure of what they're looking for and assisted only by a trail map.


makeover-2-sized (makeover-2-sized)

An 'X' marks the spot on the map where they're headed, and there's one way to get there. UP.


makeover-big-crew (makeover-big-crew)

But don't worry - it's not like they're roughing it on their own. They came with a pretty big crew making sure they got the right shot.


makeover-mug (makeover-mug)

 Xzibit didn't miss a chance to mug for the camera.


makeover-hike (makeover-hike)

Xzibit and Michael followed their map and hiked their way up the mountain. Meanwhile, Paige found another way to the top.


makeover-where-are-they (makeover-where-are-they)

Paige found it! One of the Resort's old gondola cars! But where are the guys?


makeover-made-it (makeover-made-it)

A little bit winded, and a whole lotta dirty, the guys finally climb the crest and find Paige with the gondola.


 makeover-there-you-are (makeover-there-you-are)

 "What took you boys so long??"


 makeover-what-to-do (makeover-what-to-do)

Finally reunited at the gondola car, the team brainstorms fun things to do with it for the new home.


makeover-laugh (makeover-laugh) 

 The crew figures out the plan for the gondola car and its new home. Tune in Sunday night to see what they do with it!