The Alpine Coaster Insider's Guide

I joined the team this summer and made two immediate new-job resolutions: (1) "Let my experience and critical thinking abilities make me an asset to my colleagues and the resort's objectives"; (2) "Get my money's worth on the Alpine Coaster." As Labor Day approaches, I've made progress with the latter. 

This week, the blog offers readers an inside look at what makes the Coaster so cool, the landmarks to be on the lookout for, and a secret hint at how to ride it like an expert. Take some notes, and see you on the Coaster!

coaster-wide-final (coaster-wide-final)


The Crew 

coaster-the-crew-final (coaster-the-crew-final)

Nothing kicks off a great coaster ride better than the posse in the loading area - making sure guests are safe and enjoy a great ride. As you can see, they love a camera, so feel free to grab a pic of the family as they load into a car. 

The Climb

coaster-the-climb-final (coaster-the-climb-final)

Any coaster enthusiast (alpine or other) can appreciate the mindgames of that slow climb up the tracks. But if you're not into the subtleties of thrillride psychology, just try to sit back and enjoy the view.

The ZipRiders!

coaster-zip-liners-final (coaster-zip-liners-final)

While I nurse the butterflies that come with that climb up the coaster's tracks, I always love a chance to check out the ZipRiders following their path through the trees and over the coaster. Always some big smiles to be found.


coaster-close-call-final (coaster-close-call-final)

The climb up gives a great view of the ride down, I always enjoy peeking at the turns & drops - check out the riders ahead of you yelling the whole way down, it'll get the blood going just a bit faster.

The Crest

coaster-the-top-final (coaster-the-top-final)

Every coaster has it: that moment of truth when you reach the top of the tracks and let gravity take over. This is no different. But here you've got a friendly team member to remind you to push those handles forward to get going. Give 'em a wave when you pass by - it gets lonely up there.

One Way Down

coaster-down-final (coaster-down-final) 

Well. You've gotten yourself up here - might as well enjoy the ride. Press those handles down, take that first drop, and let 'em run!

"Faster, faster!"

coaster-kids-coaster-final (coaster-kids-coaster-final)

One of the coaster's biggest appeals is that, even though it is "an operator-controlled thrill ride," younger kids can still enjoy it with the help of an older companion - making it accessible to virtually the entire family. Sometimes kids start showing some nerves when it's time to board, which makes it all the more rewarding when - a couple turns down the tracks - they're having the ride of their lives and can be heard screaming for their brave driver to go even faster!

 The Big Finale

coaster-favorite-turn-final (coaster-favorite-turn-final)

You've handled some hair-pin turns and some nice drops, but you're not done yet. The bottom of the track throws some awesome back-to-back turns at you before letting go. If you've been holding back at all, here's where you've got to drop the hammer and go no-brakes. Right, then left. Get those turns!

Let it all hang out. But...

coaster-andy-banshee-final (coaster-andy-banshee-final)

 You've watched all those coaster-ers come down ahead of you, yelling and screaming and having a blast - make sure you do the same! Let it all out and make sure the mountain hears what a death-defying coaster rider you are.  But there's a catch. Here comes the insider expert tip...

Cough! (Here's your insider expert tip)

coaster-bugs-final (coaster-bugs-final)

Any coaster novice can go fast. The expert swallows no bugs.

You're welcome.