Trailblazer Tuesday: Hiking P.C. Hill

Park City is full of hiking options that you can devote an entire day to, but there are also a handful that are great last-minute, spur-of-the-moment adventures that don't take a lot of planning or time to complete. One of my favorites takes just a few minutes to climb, but still delivers an amazing view as a reward: P.C. Hill, this week's Trailblazer Tuesday hike.

Trail: P.C. Hill
Duration: About 45 minutes (round trip)
Difficulty: Beginner/Intermediate
Don't Forget: Water, Hat, Camera

P.C. Hill may not rise as high as Crescent Ridge or Jupiter Peak, but it's prominent "P.C." marking, visible from almost any point in town, makes it just as recognizable. If you're looking to get in a nice hike with limited time, or need to wear the dog out, it's a great option.

P.C. Hill's "trailhead" is just off Kearns Blvd., easily accessible by foot or by car. If you're driving over, you'll want to jump on Kearns headed out of town, toward Quinn's Junction where the Medical Center and playing fields are located. Look for the turn-in on the left just past Treasure Mountain Middle School (if you hit Quinn's, double back because you've missed the turn). Make the left and follow the dirt road out toward the soccer fields.

Keep your eyes peeled and you'll be able to find the road leading to the P.C Hill hiking path off Kearns Blvd.

Follow the road almost to its dead end, you'll see playing fields on your left and the beginning of the trail on your right. 

The beginning of the trail up P.C. Hill is easily marked, with parking available

In addition to its accessibility, P.C. Hill is beginner-friendly because absolutely zero navigation is required. It's one trail up and down, switching back a couple times, and that's it. Put one foot in front of the other, follow the trail, and you're on your way!

No scout merit badges required to follow the trail up P.C. Hill.

You don't waste any time beginning the climb, headed uphill from Step #1 (a moderate fitness level is required) but you're rewarded right away with some nice views of town as you head up.

Just a few minutes of climbing up P.C. Hill and hikers are quickly rewarded with some nice views of town.

After your second switchback is when you'll want to keep your eyes out for the final path to the very top of the hill. This final leg, branching off to your left, is pretty worn and easy to see if you're paying attention - but not entirely obvious. A brief steeper section will be your final clue it's approaching. Be sure to follow this path to the left, as a wonderful view of town (and the resort) is just a few final steps away.

The final few steps to the top of P.C. Hill are marked by a pretty well-worn path, but beginning hikers need to keep their eyes open for it.

Congrats, you've made it! Take a deep breath and enjoy your reward - a beautiful vista of Park City and the resorts laid out in front of you! Immediately below you, you'll find Park City's Prospector Square neighborhood, beyond that to your left you'll see the lush trees and carved-out runs of Park City Mountain Resort. To your right: the manicured fairways and greens of of the Jack Nicklaus-designed Park Meadows Country Club golf course.

With the town of Park City, and Park City Mountain Resort in the distance, laid out below you, the short hike up P.C. Hill still packs a nice reward.

And, as with all trails, Rule #1 of summer hiking also applies here: it's always better with a friend.