EcoZone Kiosk.......Where, What, Why?

EcoZone Kiosk 1

Glad to finally have our new EcoZone Kiosk up and running.  I've had hopes of having an information center such as this for several years but we had issues with locations and structures.  Thankfully the structure on our Plaza (by the corner of Legacy Sports) that Marriott Mountainside was using became available and we swooped on it. 


We believe education and heightened awareness are essential initiatives in our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and limit negative effects on our environment.  That is the reason for the EcoZone Kiosk.  The hosts in the kiosk were hand picked from interested individuals that believe in communicating this message.  The EcoZone Hosts have been trained on our Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM) and other environmental initiatives we have been working on at Park City Mountain Resort. 

EcoZone Kiosk 2Our goal for our visitor is to communicate our commitment, showcase our accomplishments, address questions and most important have them leave with a "take home" of things they can do to reduce their footprint.    

This is ever evolving as new EEM's are completed and quantifications are updated.  We are most interested in constructive feedback.  Please stop in and test your knowledge of Park City Mountain Resort's environmental commitment.  Give us the opportunity to send you home with some "action items".