On The Snow: Womens Ski Camp


Switching over from one plank to two, I had the chance to partake in our Womens Ski Camp in 2016.  The camp is designed for women who are intermediate skiers or riders looking to improve their ability and confidence.  This is for those that are comfortable on a blue trail and wanting to move towards black trails, maybe even ski some bumps.

I signed up for this camp, looking to improve my skiing skills. I’m mainly a snowboarder - I’m comfortable on all kinds of terrain with my board under my feet, but when it comes to skiing, my confidence drops and I tense up on anything even slightly steep or unpredictable.  Other women that signed up wanted to keep up with their husbands, ski more challenging terrain with their kids (or even grandkids!) and some women were tired of following little kids around on green trails and wanted to get some real skiing in, and do something for themselves. 

There were 23 women in the camp and we could self-select one out of four groups to be placed in based on what we were looking to get from the weekend.  I picked a group that focused on technique and worked our way up to black runs, even some bumps.  There were 6 skiers in our group and most of the instruction was group-based, with individual instruction also.  We skied from 9:00 am - 3:00 pm each day with a break for lunch on the mountain.

After some basic technique and drills, We covered a lot of the mountain and had a lot of variety of terrain to practice our new skills. The 3-day setup was perfect - we had enough time to learn technique and practice it on every type of run - from intermediate to advanced, to some bumps, I felt like I got in all types of terrain I’d encounter on a normal ski day. On Sunday, the last day of our clinic, we went to Legends Bar & Grill for apres-style drinks and appetizers.  Other than skiing, this was one of my favorite parts of the weekend - a great time to talk about the weekend and exchange phone numbers to meet on the mountain again.  I’ve already skied with one of my friends from the camp twice!  It’s great to be on the mountain together practicing our skills.

While I thought this camp would be pretty mellow and we’d be following the instructor in a line making turns to match hers, I was wrong.  Though I’ve taken plenty of lessons on learning a new skill, I’m pretty unfamiliar with how ski lessons work.  This camp was for serious skiers looking to improve their skills.  My instructor said “Men usually show up over-confident and women usually show up under-confident.”  While I’d like to think this isn’t true for me - I found myself reverting back to my old tactics of skiing when I got scared of challenging terrain rather than trusting my feet to control my skis.   

Having confidence in my technique is my biggest takeaway from the camp.  I feel like I have the baseline to take on any terrain on the mountain.  I’m confident in my ability to control my skis, and not out there just hoping for the best.


With Park City's lessons exclusively for women, participants develop a unique camaraderie in a low-pressure, confidence-building, mutually fulfilling setting, whether you are band new to the sport or need to refresh your skills after years off. Our instructors love what they do, and they know what it takes to learn one of their favorite sports. Participants will enjoy the small class sizes so that learning is fun and you will start to build confidence and skill! Learn more about our 2017 Womens Ski Camp, happening Feb. 24-26, 2017.  At this time, Park City Mountain only offers a ski-only camp.

- Carolyn Wawra