Trailblazer Tuesday - "The Lunch Loop"

Trails: Jenni’s Trail, Loose Moose, Crescent Mine Grade (CMG) - aka “The Lunch Loop”
Length: 4.1 miles
Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty: Intermediate Mountain Biking
What You’ll Need: Water/Hydration Pack, Bike Repair Kit (spare tube, pump), Sunglasses, Helmet

Here’s our second edition of Trailblazer Tuesday - this time with a mountain biking twist. While our first post was based on hiking our Spiro loop, I chose to enjoy some cross-country mountain biking as our trails are some of the best in the world; we are in fact the only IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association) Gold-level Ride Center in the world. I also wanted to highlight this ride since it’s one of my favorite loops to do during my lunch break.

“The Lunch Loop” begins here in our resort base area and starts out on Jenni’s Trail – accessible via the trailhead just across from our Signature 3/Kids’ Korral learning area. The beauty of this trail is that the lower portion is for uphill biking and hiking only so you can take comfort in knowing that no other bikers will be descending upon you. Jenni’s meanders (climbs) through switchbacks of aspen groves and wildflowers, under the 3 Kings Lift, and even showcases some lift tower art with paintings of some of our I Ride Park City All Stars (and no, these towers were not scaled at night by Bansky). At about 1.25 miles, you’ll come to the intersection of Jenni’s and Crescent Mine Grade (CMG) – stay straight and continue on Jenni’s. Be aware that at this point of Jenni’s the trail does become multidirectional so your safe haven of “uphill only” is gone. As you continue on this section of singletrack you’ll come to a great section of downhill riding until you ultimately end up just above the mid-station of our PayDay Lift. At this junction, you’ll take a left onto Loose Moose and it’ll be all downhill from here – and I’m not kidding.

Loose Moose

Loose Moose is only a year or so old and is for downhill hiking and biking only (think cross-country, not bike park). Again, directional trails are here to accentuate the landscape and terrain so be sure to take advantage of them. At 1 mile long, you can pedal along as much or as little as you’d like as this is a great section with flowy berms, banked turns and the continuous screams from guests riding the Alpine Coaster. And, as I found out on today’s ride, there are also plenty of “loose moose.” As I came around a right-hand turn, I literally almost pedaled into a mother and her calf. MooseAfter snapping a few pics for my #parkcitygram and patiently waiting for them to move along, I continued down the singletrack until I came out onto lower CMG. Since this intersection wants to send you up and to left, be prepared to take a hard right here onto CMG itself.

This lower section of CMG is also for downhill hiking and biking only and is a perfect way to take you back down into our resort base area. At .75 miles, this singletrack flows through more aspens and pines, ultimately popping you onto Homerun, our winter ski trail. A handful of banked turns and berms will then complete “The Lunch Loop.” Have fun out there and enjoy the trails.