Current Conditions

I was up on the mountain this past Sunday and Monday and I wanted to quickly note some thoughts on the current conditions. I spent several hours on Sunday doing laps on First Time lift with my 2 1/2 year old daughter and a friend or hers and I can now assure everyone that skiing with a youngster will keep you warm no matter what the temperature. Also, I'll vouch that First Time and Turtle Trail runs are in perfect shape for anyone looking for a beginner experience - the kids were bummed when we had to leave as they wanted to do more runs!

On Monday, I spent the morning at a conference and then snuck back to the resort along with several other attendees to show them around. We started with several laps off Bonanza lift, where conditions were very nice, with natural snow mixed in with man-made. We also noted the progress being made by the snowmaking team on Jonesy's, Silver Queen and Claimjumper. After that, we dropped back down to PayDay lift for several more runs, including this video that I shot (sorry if the quality is a bit off, I took it with my phone), of the 2nd half of Payday run. The snow surface was easily turnable and the fresh stuff mixed with the natural made for a really fun afternoon. Here's the video:

See you on the slopes!