Follow my trail on "The Hunt"

**CONGRATS YOU FOUND THE SECOND CLUE ON THE HUNT FOR THE GOLDEN EGG. Find a Park City Mountain Resort Flickr photo of the Easter Bunny.**   

The Hunt is an All-Mountain scavenger-hunt  around the resort that was held for the 4th time this past Saturday. It's also a fund raiser for the Park City Academy (soon to be Park City Day School) scholarship fund. I'd never done The Hunt before, but a friend convinced me to participate this year, and after making sure it was OK with everyone (after all, I help produce the trail map each year), I was signed up.

We met upstairs in the Legacy Lodge where we enjoyed a tasty  breakfast, I loved the potatoes with the little bits of spicy pepper in them before we headed out the door in the 10:40 start group. Since I 'should' know the mountain well, I decided to head up without a map or anything aside from the clue list and we spent our first lift ride up Crescent chair working out our strategy. It must have worked out OK as we finished 5th and we could have probably done a bit better if we hadn't decided to do a bit of tree skiing on two runs!

Aside from the fund raising, to me, the coolest part of this event was that I was able to record our path via the GPS on my phone and publish it. Check it out and let me know in the comments if you can see where John and I did our tree-skiing.

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