More ways to discover our mountain!

We've created our unique My Mountain Planner, our helpful Mountainzones™ and our Interactive Trail Map to help you discover our mountain via our website. Even with our tools, we realize it's not always easy to understand what our mountain might look like, or where lifts and runs are, so we're very excited that our lifts and runs are now available for you to explore via Google Maps! Read about this new option on the Google Lat Long Blog or start exploring Park City Mountain Resort on Google Maps now.


When you navigate to Park City Mountain Resort on Google Maps our lifts and runs are now labeled and readily viewable on your desktop, tablet or smartphone! In addition, we are also pleased to note that a large amount of our mountain is now viewable via Google Street View. If you're wondering, Google brought their Street View Snowmobile to Park City back in March of last year and allowed us to drive it around our mountain making for some great exploring! 


We're always looking for new and inventive ways to allow you to discover our mountain, and while we hope you'll enjoy the ones that we have, please feel free to leave us your ideas on how else we can help you discover our mountain in the comments. And please enjoy the new mapping options on Google Maps!