New Crescent High Definition Live Streaming Cam

Our controllable live streaming mountain cams have consistently been some of the most popular features on our website since I started working on the Park City Mountain Resort website around eight years ago. They're a fantastic way to check current conditions from a variety of locations around the mountain. With that in mind, we decided to make an upgrade to our cams this year by installing our first ever “HD” cam near the top of the Crescent Lift. The new Crescent HD cam is located just across from the three support towers near the top of the Crescent Lift and offers views from Jupiter Peak, to the base to Kimball Junction – and all in “glorious HD” (ok, that does depend a bit on the quality of your internet connection)!

Visit the Crescent HD Cam and check the screen capture below to see how the control for the cam works – it’s a bit different from our other cams – this is the first of our controllable cams made by Axis:

110314-crescent-cap (110314-crescent-cap)

I also want to provide a few images to show how this camera was installed. No, that isn’t me clambering around, thanks for that goes to Brian, I also want to thank Bryan and Ryan from our IS department, Roger from Peak Mobile as well as the team at HD Relay for their collective help in getting this cam up and running:

110314-crescent-install (110314-crescent-install)110314-crescent-cam (110314-crescent-cam)

And finally, if you have any questions about our dynamic cams, as well as any ideas for the cams, please let me know in the comments – thanks!


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