Updated Lift and Bowl Statuses on the Snow Report Page

DORAs many of you know we've had some pretty crazy weather this season full of wind, ice, snow and more snow! We are making some changes to our DOR (Daily Operations Report) to reflect the status of lift. We now have four statuses:

  • Open – the status during the course of a regular day
  • Scheduled – the status for when a lift is not actually open but is planning to open (for example, we are doing snow safety work but plan to have Jupiter lift open by 9:30, etc. We also now note each lifts scheduled open hours on most reports)
  • Hold – when a lift is not running due to wind or other reasons during a regularly scheduled operating time
  • Closed – when a lift is not going to be running, primarily to be used early and late season

We are also implementing an “early warning system” which our snow reporters will trigger on days when inclement weather will most likely impact our mountain operations. Please view our online snow report at either:


Or on a mobile device


We hope these changes will help us more accurately represent the lifts/terrain we will have open on any given day.