New Summit Snow Stake Web Cam

Providing timely and accurate snowfall information to our guests is a top priority for us. To help supplement the reporting that we compile every morning throughout the winter season, we have recently installed a cam at our Summit Snow Plot to provide our guests another way to monitor snow conditions at the resort. This cam is in the same area as our "official" snow stake at the Summit, but it is in a slightly different location and due to this, it may not exactly match our reporting depending on wind and other factors. Both the cam and the measurement stake are on movable mounts that we will raise or lower so that the board for the stake is level with the surrounding snowpack and we will be wiping the board each morning around 8:00 a.m. and afternoon at around 3:30 p.m each day through our scheduled winter season.

View Summit Snow Stake Cam

The Summit Snow Stake Cam has it's own player on which you can view a live, streaming image, or you can use a timeline scrubber to see when the last snowfall was. Take a quick look at how the scrubber works in the movie below: