Top 10 Reasons to Love Spring Skiing and Riding

My Top 10 Reasons to love spring skiing and riding.

  1. Goggle tans - remember to apply your sunblock.
  2. Skiing the decks - great excuse to visit the Snow Hut, Summit House, Mid-Mountain Lodge and The Shack all in one day.
  3. Slush bumps - I'm not a bump skier unless it's spring and slushy.
  4. Spring Sales - currently at 30% off at Legacy Sports.
  5. Daylight Savings Time has changed so the snow stays firm for the morning - check out my tips for how to best ski the mountain in the spring.
  6. Silly costumes - be creative, have fun, or just enjoy what you see sliding around on the slopes.
  7. Fun and free events - this week we have Apres Concerts and Snowasis in the Snow
  8. Wind Shirts - my wife hates mine, but I think they're awesome (and these aren't even all that ugly).
  9. Lift ticket deals - check out 50% off night skiing (closes on March 31, 2013) and other great specials.
  10. Ony seven more months until the 2013-2014 winter season!
  11. Ok - I lied, there's one more reason - I've had some of my best powder days ever in the spring - this shot was taken on March 30th a few seasons back!
 March 30 Powder Riding

I'm sure I missed some good reasons, please leave your favorites in the comments!