It's "SnowTIME" at Park City Mountain Resort

There's one word to describe the last week at Park City Mountain Resort: Snow, and lots of it! We've received over four feet of snow since last Tuesday and we want you to get out and play...and we're going to help make it easy!

Beginning today, we will be offering a limited number of "SnowTIME" tickets each day that will allow you to get out on the mountain and play for a great price. The catch is that each Wednesday we'll choose a different channel to promote our "SnowTIME" tickets so make sure you follow us on Twitter, fan us on Facebook, and subscribe to our emails so that you can take advantage of the "SnowTIME" tickets at Park City Mountain Resort. The "SnowTIME" tickets promoted each week are only valid through Tuesday of the following week, however we will post new "SnowTIME" tickets each Wednesday. There are no refunds on "SnowTIME" tickets.

There's no time like "SnowTIME" to get out on the mountain! See the pic below for proof of how awesome the snow is!