Jenni's Trail Part 2

One of the best parts about the Park City trail system is how the trails link up and connect, so you can customize your hike to meet your needs. I actually combined a few of the hikes we’ve told you about - A dog’s view  connected me to Jenni’s trail and from the top of Jenni’s trail I connected with John’s. I won’t go into detail on the beginning and the end since we have already written about those trails, and upper Jenni’s deserves a full blog post.


Trails: Sweeney’s Switchbacks, Flat Cable, Jenni’s, John’s, Sweeney’s Switchbacks

Duration: 2 hours and 6.75 miles

Difficulty: Intermediate

Don’t Forget: Water (for yourself and your canine friends), sunscreen, trail map, camera and a snack to enjoy as you take in the scenery.

The Details: You can access Sweeney’s Switchbacks from either Town Lift or Upper Norfolk in Historic Park City. From Sweeney’s*, Flat Cable will take you alongside the Alpine Slide. There is nothing quite like hearing the giggles and hollers from the Alpine Slide as you hike up. You can’t help but smile. Once you see the PayDay mid station, I’d recommend walking down to the paved pathway to access Jenni’s trail. I maneuvered my way through the trails to access Jenni’s, but I am sure it would be a little easier to access it from the pathway. *For more details on accessing Sweeney’s and Flat Cable.


Jenni’s trail is beautifully done, a constant grade and the wide trail allows you the ability to hike, converse and enjoy the beautiful vistas without taking too much out of you. I loved how the trail gave me a new opportunity to see a new section of mountain in the summer and casually meandered through some of my favorite winter runs. I spend a lot of time on the mountain in the summer and winter and this trail will certainly be a new favorite in my repertoire of trails. I am excited to add a longer loop to my standard Sweeney’s Loop with the dogs. From the PayDay mid station it is a little over two miles to the top of Town Lift and took me about 35 minutes, but I was booking it. I’d recommend planning for at least an hour to reach the top and then another hour to get down.

Once I arrived at the top of Town Lift, I took John’s trail down. John’s trail is beautiful throughout the summer, but once it turns fall the aspens really take your breath away. Sam wrote a post on John’s Trail to kick off the Trailblazer Tuesday series, check it out for more information.


Fall is in the air here in Park City, this weekend we had several wonderful thunderstorms and the temps are certainly dropping in the evenings and mornings. The leaves are starting to change, although it is probably more due to the lack of moisture rather than the cold temps. This is one of my favorite times to hike and bike, with lower temps and color popping foliage. And, we all know what comes after fall!