Back to the Basics: Taking a Lesson

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At the start of the season I made a resolution that I would push myself in my snowboarding. I have been snowboarding since I was 15, but never joined a team, entered a competition or had anything to work towards other than having fun. While I have learned a lot and gained confidence riding with my friends, this winter I want to see real progression.

I have not taken a snowboard lesson in years. I am more than informed of the fantastic ski & snowboard school offered at Park City Mountain Resort, however in the past two seasons I have not taken part. This weekend that all changed.

I was going to take a snowboard lesson and no one could stop me.  I found myself in a Level 2 snowboard lesson. Why would someone who has been riding over 10 years take a level 2 lesson you might ask? To learn how to ride switch! I went back to the basics, stepped outside my comfort zone and became a First Time lift riding, bruised knee beginner.

After my experience, I think we should all take the time to remember what it was like to be a beginner. Remember the sense of accomplishment you felt when successfully getting off a lift without falling. Remember when turning was a carefully thought out series of movements that took complete concentration. Remember when those funny arm movements helped you. Remember when every successful turn was a confidence booster.

So next time you see a beginner planted on the side of a run, or fall getting off a lift, remember that you too had to start somewhere. Maybe even offer to help them up and you'll convert a newbie into a snowsports enthusiast for life. And promise not to laugh when you see me practicing my switch riding and perfecting my funny arm movements that really do work!