Mountain Clean-up Day at Park City Mountain Resort


We have held a few mini mountain clean-up days here at the resort, but today was the main event. Team members from each department assembled at the Munchkin yard, early in the morning to fuel up on coffee and bagels before heading out to the hill. Our mission was to divide and conquer the trash on the mountain.

My group started at Mid-Mountain lodge, making our way down to McConkey’s and Pioneer lift. While it would have been exciting to retrieve a lost iPod or find cash laying around, I must admit it was just as rewarding to fill up an entire trash bag on my own. After declaring our area clean, we made our way over to the top of King Con and down The Ridge, collecting more trash. Before breaking for lunch, my group went out to Shadow Lake at the base of Jupiter.

As I sat at Shadow Lake, taking in the stunning view and enjoying the calm, I took a moment to reflect on our mountain. It amazes me how our guests can be having totally different experiences at the same time on different zones of our mountain. While kids are screaming down the alpine coaster at the base, a mountain biker is burning their lungs on the climb to the Wasatch Crest trail and a hiker pauses to take in the view and contemplate. The same can be said for the various team members at the resort. While some of us sit in an office, others perform mechanical and electrical work out of an elaborate shop halfway up the mountain, some are hands on with guests every day and others are silent heroes behind the scenes.


After lunch the entire mountain clean-up team tackled a project together. A wooden stair-set feature in King’s Crown terrain park needed to be disassembled and moved. We filled up the beds of five trucks with wood and moved it to be used later this summer for wood chipping. Had only one department been asked to do this, it would have taken the majority of a day, yet as a team we were able to finish this task in a little under two hours.

Today I met people that I've never even seen before, yet each one of them plays an integral part in the daily operation of this resort. We gathered together because we all share something in common and that is pride in Park City Mountain Resort.

Thanks to all the departments who put projects on hold to help make our mountain beautiful. Representatives from mountain patrol/trail crew, building maintenance, marketing, sales, food and beverage, vehicle maintenance, HR, terrain park staff, lift maintenance, retail, mountain and base operations, snowmaking, IT, ski and snowboard school and even Zeke, one of our avalanche rescue dogs helped out today.