The Snow Cats have been Unleashed

Opening Day is only 11 days away! We hope you are ready for ski season because the resort is working hard to open as much terrain as possible. Our snowmaking team has been working around the clock and are nearly done with Homerun. They plan to move onto PayDay and Treasure Hollow and continue making snow on 3 Kings. Yesterday the snow cats were let out of their cages and allowed on the mountain for the first time this winter. They took me along for a ride as they were pushing piles to see the progress on the mountain.

thumbnail Pushing snow on Homerun.  Mimi Lopour

thumbnail Big thank you to our snowmaking team for working so hard and all the progress they have made.  Mimi Lopour

thumbnail  Mimi Lopour

thumbnail  Mimi Lopour

thumbnail Big whales piled up in the skiway.  Mimi Lopour

thumbnail Great coverage.  Mimi Lopour

thumbnail Pushing snow down Homerun.  Mimi Lopour

thumbnail Our new grooming manager Travis behind the wheel.  Mimi Lopour

thumbnail Upper Homerun looks great too!  Mimi Lopour

thumbnail Taking a photo of a snow cat from a snow cat.  Mimi Lopour

thumbnail Opening Day is right around the corner and we are almost ready.  Mimi Lopour

thumbnail Kicking up snow.  Mimi Lopour