2016 Men & Women U.S. Freesking Grand Prix Results


Blue Skies and a fresh till of the pipe greeted our athletes this morning as they prepared to compete for the U.S Freesking Grand Prix at the Eagle Superpipe. The crowd was rocking and the pipe was poppin' as some of the top athletes in the sport competed for a spot on the podium. For the women, Maddie Bowman took home gold stomping her final run and walking away with a clean $10,000. In the men's division, Aaron Blunck took the top spot impressing the judges with a score of 94.20. 

Podium Results:
Ladies' Ski Halfpipe

1. Maddie Bowman - 89.80
2. Ayana Onozuka - 88.80
3. Marie Martinod  - 84.20

160205 - GPS-9    WomensScore
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Men's Ski Halfpipe

1. Aaron Blunck - 94.20
2. Benoit Valentin- 92.80
3. Kevin Rolland - 88.80 

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Join us tomorrow as Snowboarding takes the Eagle Superpipe and watch them duke it out in hopes of winning the U.S Grand Prix at Park City.