3 Reasons to Ride the Alpine Slide

By: Guest blogger Shelby Kisgen
Shelby Kisgen is a writer specializing in the outdoors. Find more of her work at www.shelbykisgen.com.


When people imagine ski resorts, they picture piles of fresh powder and steaming hot chocolate, but ski resorts are bringing in more entertainment during the summer months than ever before. If you happen to be in Park City, Utah, be sure to head to Park City Mountain Adventure Park to try out their assortment of activities.

The perfect place to take a date, celebrate a birthday, or exhaust hyper kids, the Park City Mountain Adventure Park boasts an Alpine Slide that's over 3,000 feet long. If that isn't enough to convince you, here's 3 more reasons why its a worthwhile summer adventure.

1. Customizable Ride: Whether you're a thrill seeker who wants to go full-throttle, or you have a child who wants to feel safe and secure, you are completely in charge of your speed on the coaster. Unlike most rides with a set speed, the Alpine Slide is completely adaptable to the level of adventure you want. Daredevils and cautious riders alike will find the slide perfect for their tastes.

2. Expansive Views: Riding the chairlift up the mountain in the summertime is a refreshing change from the blustery winter winds. Instead of chapped lips and frozen noses, the sunlight warms your cheeks and smile. The chairlift ride up to the starting point offers a scenic view of Park City Mountain, the city itself, the valley beyond, and layer upon layer of mountains striking through the distant sky.

3. Sheer Fun: When careening down the luge-like track, your brain has no room for the stresses of daily life: no emails, phone calls, or shopping lists. No sibling spats or grouchy parents. When riding the Alpine Slide, you are actively living the moment, with nothing to experience but the wind in your hair and the laughter bubbling in your chest.

You'll love everything about Park City Mountain: the architecture of the lodge, the amazing views from the chairlift, and the adrenaline-pumping joy of riding the alpine slide.