The Front Nine: Canyons Golf Course Tips & Tricks.

Before hitting the links at Canyons Golf this summer, get ahead of your competition by knowing the tricks and tips to successfully come in under par every time you step on the turf at Canyons Golf. This 18 hole, par-69 course is nestled amongst the Wasatch Mountain Range, providing a challenging yet beautiful, scenic course surrounded by the fresh mountain air. The course features 6 holes cutting through the trails of the Largest Ski Resort in the U.S, Canyons Golf featuring over 550 feet of elevation change.

Front 9 Hole Tips and Tricks

Hole 1:
Par 4, 372 Yards
No easy warm ups on Hole 1. Water hazards and sand bunkers exist on this Par 4. Lay it up on the fairway with a 3-wood or less and chip your way onto the green. 

Hole 2:
Par 3, 155 Yards
Play a club or two less to this small green guarded by a front left bunker. Players that favor the right side may receive a fortunate bounce.

Hole 3:
Par 5, 457 Yards
Avoid the bunkers and club up on the approach as the shot is severely uphill. Cutting the corner on this hole can prove eagle worthy, or devasting to the scorecard if not successful. 

Hole 4:
Par 4, 334 Yards.
This dramatic hole offers golfers amazing views and their first drivable par-4 on the course. Enjoy the views and beware of the hazards. More conservative players will favor a mid-iron off the tee. Upon approach, favor the left side of the green as it slopes from left to right.

Hole 5:
Par 4, 315 Yards
Enjoy the view, but when it comes time to swing, you better focus! Favor the left side of the fairway and attempt to drive the green or play it safe with a hybrid.  The spectacular Park City view is one of the most memorable on the course.

Hole 6:
Par 3, 183 Yards
Hole 6 is a very demanding par-3. The green is separated by and upper and lower tier and slopes from left to right. Aim left and hope for the kick for the best chance of success. 

Hole 7:
Par 5, 570 Yards
With a fairway that slopes to the left, aim or curve the ball to the right off the tee. Watch for fairway bunkers on the left. Using less club is something to consider on this two-tiered green as the slope is away from players.

Hole 8:
Par 3, 170 Yards
A slightly blind and downhill approach into this treacherous par-3 provides quite the challenge. Play the shot 2 clubs down and watch your ball sail down to the green from the elevated tee box. 

Hole 9:
Par 4, 307 Yards
To finish off the front 9, Hole 9 is all about risk-reward. Drive the green or play conservatively with an iron or hybrid. The hole is a bit uphill so don't be afraid to use a little extra club.