It's Spring Once Again

Guest post by Mary Flinn Ware, Kids Mountain School Ski & Snowboard School Manager

Time sure flies when you’re having fun, or is as my father used to say, “Mary Helen, as we age, time goes by faster every year.” Even though Dad warned me, I don’t much like the second choice. This morning I thought about this as I was on the treadmill, and as my “elapsed time” continued I made a decision for the future.

Even as I tire near the end of the Snowsports season, tire of pulling on long underwear and turtlenecks each morning, grumble as I shovel snow to feed the animals at home, even when I am tired of hearing staff call in “sick?” for the 5th or 6th time of the season, I will not, even for a day wish my life away. What was I thinking?

payday-lift-grey (payday-lift-grey)

I vow to no longer be aware of exactly how many days are left till our scheduled “closing day”, so Brian don’t tell me please, even if I have a weak moment and ask. I love the fantastic Utah snowflakes, (the Ski Utah ads especially) the beautiful blue skies, and I know that we didn’t get as many as deserved or the norm this season.

Thank you staff and guests alike (especially kids!) for all the hard work and effort you put forth here, at work or play. You all make me smile, and occasionally frown, but my job here would not be possible without each and every one of you. You fill it with experiences, memories, as well as provide me with entertaining stories that I have, and will share the rest of my life. (Please keep in mind that I always change the names to protect the innocent when sharing).

park-city-snowboard-school-sign-brown (park-city-snowboard-school-sign-brown)

It’s still snowing here in Park City today, but the sun and warm temperatures will arrive, and we will be playing softball soon enough. Until then I still see fresh tracks after a bit of snow, those taken by the energetic backcountry folks. You can golf in Heber or Salt Lake, and I hear the other canyon to the west still has some good turns to be had, so I’m heading there soon!