Mid-Mountain Lodge

Written by Deirdra Walsh, Director of Food & Beverage

It's been an unseasonably warm Winter.  One positive consequence of all of this sun and warm temps, is you can hit the slopes and enjoy lunch on one of our on-mountain restaurant decks without your teeth chattering while you force a smile and drink your hot chocolate.  

view-jupiter (view-jupiter)
Normally at this time of year, our decks are reserved for the die-hard crowd who can manage to eat a burger with their gloves still on. But with these spring-like conditions, our decks are the place to be when you take a break.  One of my favorite spots on the hill to soak in the sun, is the deck at Mid-Mountain lodge. If you make your way to the top of Homerun and then head down Mid-Mountain Meadows run, you will find yourself at “Mid”.  Walk up the stairs and the first thing you take in is the huge deck and the truly amazing view.  Standing on the deck on a clear day you can see as far as the Heber Valley – you’ll be reaching for your camera before you know it.  

cooks-2 (cooks-2)

There are plenty of large picnic tables outside which is especially great if you are skiing with a big group and want to be able to dine together.  After you grab your table, you can decide if you want to order from our new outdoor grill featuring a grilled steak pita with Greek spiced yogurt and the 10th mountain burger loaded with pastrami and cheddar. If you head indoors, try our newest combo - one of our toasted subs with your choice of homemade potato chips, our house salad or a homemade cup of soup.   My personal favorite - the delicious grilled cheese oozing with jarlsberg and gruyere cheese paired with Mid’s signature tomato basil soup.  Match made in heaven if you ask me.  

family-patio (family-patio)So as we all anxiously wait for the snow gods to deliver some of that wonderful fluffy white stuff; make the most of the sunshine in the meantime.  Grab a bite to eat, order up a refreshing local brew, lather on the sunscreen and take in the sweet view from mid-mountain’s deck. It will take away your snow blues, at least for a bit.  I promise.