Park City's $50 Million Capital Improvement Progress

We're making headway on our $50 million capital improvement project. This summer we're combining Park City Mountain Resort and Canyons Resort to create the largest resort in the United States -- Park City. After we closed April 19, we began first steps in the improvements.

First, we salvaged all we could from the old Snow Hut-- then we started work on tearing the old building down, so that we could start building the new lodge. 


After the Snow Hut demolition, we began taking chairs off of King Con and Motherlode Lifts. The chairs from the old King Con are going to be used for the new Motherlode chair when we upgrade it from a fixed-grip triple to a 4-person high-speed detachable chair. This, along with upgrading King Con to a 6-person high-speed detachable will increase uphill capacity at both lifts.


You may have seen helicopters flying over the resort last week-- that's because we were removing the old Motherlode towers. 


Thursday we poured the new concrete foundations for the new Motherlode towers, which will go in soon! 


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