The Farm Restaurant

The Farm Restaurant, located next to the Orange Bubble Express in Canyons village, is open for summer and Executive Chef Manny Rozehnal* who took over the kitchen in 2015 is prepared to delight any palate. We stopped by last week to try out the new summer menu. Chef Manny is embracing the roots of the restaurant to serve fresh, made from scratch, sustainable fare. He is going to great lengths to ensure the produce is local and the meat served is sustainable raised. He even has a floating herb garden in the entry which supplies ingredients to many of the dishes. 


We asked Chef Manny to bring out the new dishes he was most excited about. He started us off with the classic appetizer, the Local Charcuterie Board. This was no ordinary charcuterie board. The salami comes from Creminelli Fine Meats in Salt Lake City.  This is a family business with roots back to Italy as far back as 1800. The platter also includes 2 house made mustards, assorted homemade picked vegetables and local fresh grilled bread from Stone Ground Bakery in Salt Lake City. This was not only delicious but was a very generous serving so it’s great to share.


Next out was the Pistachio Crusted Lamb Loin. This meal was instagramable and tasted even better. Chef Manny prepares the lamb sous vide style. This means the meat is cooked in a vacuum-sealed plastic pouch and placed in a 123 degrees water bath for one hour. And then it is briefly pan seared. The lamb is plated with fresh English peas, chanterelles, baby zucchini, whipped chevre and figs.


The final dish was the creative Fava Bean Burger. This burger was fresh, delicious, vegan and gluten free. The homemade bean patty had wonderful flavor and texture. And the gluten free bun held up and was the perfect home for this burger. The burger was great on its own but the meal was made perfect with sweet potato fries. These fries are perfection after the overnight brine in salt and sugar water. Just look at the photo.


Our experience at The Farm was delicious, casual with standout attention to detail. The staff was friendly and we sat out on the deck to enjoy a cool Park City evening.  We are excited to explore more of the menu next time we visit. Two thumbs up!

* Originally from a small village in the mountains of Germany, Executive Chef Manny Rozehnal started professionally cooking at age 15 at Le Meridien in Munich through a three-year apprentice program while he also attended culinary school. He received his culinary fundamentals from his grandfather, who took him hunting for mushrooms in the morning, and from helping his grandmother cook dinner with the foraged produce. After receiving his culinary degree, Rozehnal continued cooking in Germany and Switzerland until moving to Dana Point, Calif. to work as a junior sous chef with world-renowned Chef Michael Mina at Stonehill Tavern. Missing the mountains from his hometown in Germany, Rozehnal was drawn to Park City where he was appointed to Executive Chef at The Farm in 2015.