The Kids Adventure Games Comes to Park City

Guest Blog Post by Helene Mattison, The Kids Adventure Games 

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Are Your Kids Tough Enough to Be an Adventure Racer?

Learning Through Adventure World’s Youngest Adventure Races Tackle Park City Mountain Resort, June 16-18

Sometimes it’s hard to find opportunities that allow kids to just be kids, encouraging them to get outside, learn and grow. One of the most anticipated events of the summer, the Kids Adventure Games presented by Toyota, is the answer. Taking place at June 16-18 at Park City Mountain, the games will provide kids, ages six to 14, with an excuse to remove themselves from technology for a fun-filled weekend where they’ll gain an understanding of the great outdoors, become environmental stewards, learn teamwork, build confidence and have plain, old-fashioned fun.

The Games will feature teams of two navigating an adventure course like no other with mountain biking, trekking, rope swings, mud pits, cargo nets, a giant Slip ‘N Slide (fan favorite), zip lines and other exciting obstacles on the natural terrain at Park City Mountain. Not only will kids be competing, but they’ll be learning through adventure, building grit and resilience and accomplishing challenges they never thought possible- or their parents didn’t.

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According to event organizer and co-founder Helene Mattison, the Games allow kids to take their confidence and spirt to the next level. “The race takes kids off-the-beaten-path and lets them run loose on a course where we’ve created a safe environment for them to challenge themselves and figure things out on their own. When set free, we see that kids are tough, smart and ready to learn. It can be very emotional for our staff and parents to witness what these kids can accomplish at each event.”

Additionally, the race is “parent-free zone.” The course layout and plan are designed so kids are safe, but does not allow parents to step in and assist. Spectators are, of course, encouraged to run alongside their racers and cheer them on, but they’re not allowed to interfere at any time. “Our goal is for competitors to succeed on their own and it’s often eye opening to parents to watch this happen,” said Mattison. “Given a little freedom and a lot of space, these young adventure racers really show us how to work together and be successful.”

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Alison Altman, a previous Kids Adventure Games racer who is now preparing for college, said the Kids Adventure Games helped her become a better person in everyday, team-building endeavors at school and life. “While encountering physically and mentally challenging obstacles with your teammate, you learn a lot about yourself and how to become a better person in everyday life,” said Altman. “The Kids Adventure Games also aided in the development of my love for outdoors, as well as giving me memories to carry with me for the rest of my life.”

So, think your kids are tough enough to be adventure racers? Find out this summer and register at You’ll be astounded at what your young adventure racers can accomplish!

And, whether you’re new to the sport of adventure racing or your kids are seasoned racers, below are tips to prepare for this one-of-a-kind race:

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Tips for Adventure Racers

  1. Training for the race ahead of time with your partner will put you steps ahead of other teams. It’s important to work together and help each other climb up ropes, carry backpacks and learn each other’s weaknesses and strengths
  2. Ride your mountain bike and make sure it’s working properly. Pump those tires up, grease bike chains and check to make sure gears are shifting correctly
  3. Practice rock climbing. Not only is it fun, but you’ll climb faster than other teams if you’re used to being up high on the climbing wall
  4. Plunge yourself into cold water so your body will be ready for water obstacles, including the ginormous Slip N’ Slide
  5. The course and map are top secret and won’t be available until race day. Practice navigating- it’s not only the fastest teams that win, it’s the smartest
  6. Sign up for pre-race skills and watch video tips, available at
  7. Participants can expect to ride their bikes, hike, climb and get wet and dirty

Tips for Parents/Spectators

Parents can also prepare to keep up with competitors by being ready to move quickly:

  1. On race day, wear sturdy shoes and bring your bikes
  2. Spectators can accompany racers along the way but should refrain from interfering
  3. This is a kid’s race. It isn’t the Super Bowl or Olympics, always keep encouragement positive! 

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Guest Blog Post by Helene Mattison, The Kids Adventure Games