Fall Leaf Peeping and Miners Day Celebration

A light jacket is quickly becoming a necessity as a brisk chill hits me as I head out the door with my bike to commute to work. While pedaling towards my office at the Park City Base, I can’t help but notice two things. I am already starting to see my breath, and the leaves are changing rapidly. 

 A lot of people are mistaken when they think of changing seasons in Utah.  Many are led to believe there is only summer and winter in Park City, Don’t be fooled..... the fall in Park City is a must see.  Sure, our fall may only last a couple weeks before the snow begins to blanket the ground, however for those short couple of weeks, the most outstanding colors I have ever seen illuminate the Park City mountainside.  Whether it be mountain biking, hiking or taking a scenic chairlift ride, the foliage that blossoms in the quick fall months can easily compete with a classic New England fall. 

Sweeny's Switchbacks

The trail Sweeny's Switchbacks at Park City never dissapoints when the leaves begin to change. 

Labor Day marks the true beginning of the fall season in Park City. Our Park City community knows Labor Day as Miners Day.  During Miners Day, the whole town gathers in City Park to celebrate our town’s unique mining heritage.  It is a day full of community fun including a parade, the Running of the Balls down Main Street and the highlight of the day, The Mucking & Drilling Competition. The competition was once a staple for mining towns across the west however Park City is one of the few towns that still keeps the tradition alive these days.  The event is very surreal as one could only imagine the hard and demanding mine work that our predecessors experienced in the late 1800’s.

 Although we all have goggle vision, waiting and waiting for that first snow flake, it is valuable to find the beauty at Park City during all seasons of the year. Whether you’re able to join us this year for Miners Day, or find another day this fall to come leaf peeping, make it a point to get up to Park City this year and experience the mountains in the Fall. Who knows, maybe you will even get a firsthand glimpse of our $50 million capital improvements while taking in the beauty of fall in the mountains.

leafs       A lift ride is a great way to peep the foilage.                            



 In a couple weeks the mountain will look like this! ( 10.11.14)