Ditch The Guys and Get With Our Women's Camps!

I ski with a lot of guys.

Not necessarily a bad thing, but they’re all really GOOD skiers. I’m not a terrible skier or anything, and I don’t usually have any real problems keeping up, even though I am the slowest out of them. And occasionally I feel a little bit like I’m holding them back, especially when they get more aggressive and decide to hike the peak and I’m not really feeling it that day.

Point of my anecdote: I wish I had more women to ski with.

So on that subject, I decided to try out Ladies Club this past weekend. I figured it would kill two birds with one stone, as I’d get to ski with women and I’d get to take a lesson, which is something I’ve been meaning to do this entire season. I had a blast.

Ladies Club, built for women who ski blue-black terrain, is part ski lesson, part social time, and really puts an emphasis on how skiing is different for women.

Wrapping a great day with the Ladies Club

My classmates and I brought up our issues of balance with our instructor, Vicki, when the lesson started. We all seemed to have our slightly off days, where our stance isn’t exactly comfortable and we felt dangerously close to wiping out when barely moving. Vicki had a quick and simple answer: our center of mass isn’t in the same spot as the men’s who have been teaching us, so we need to adjust where we position ourselves over our feet.

Vicki led us through a few demonstrations, and took us around all sorts of terrain to allow us to work through these issues of balance and where we need to put our center of gravity. I’m fairly certain it’s the most I’ve learned in two hours about my skiing technique just because of how female-specific the lesson was. My only complaint is that the lesson was only two hours. I wanted to have the opportunity to dive into my balance more and learn more ways to correct myself and get more comfortable on the snow.

This is the main reason I’m really excited about our Women’s Camps running March 1-3. They are three days of women-specific lessons and social opportunities, for both skiers and snowboarders. I developed a great start to my new friendships with the ladies I met in Ladies Club, so I can’t imagine the great bond that will happen during Women’s Camp, especially with that après function at the end!

I strongly recommend signing up, ditching the boys and having a great time with women who want to improve on their skiing, but who are mostly looking to have a whole lot of fun.