Trailblazer Tuesday: A dog's view

I'd like to introduce you to my friend's dog, Bacon, who accompanied me on this Trailblazer Tuesday hike.

1bacon (1bacon)

Most of my friends either love having their dogs along with them on hikes or yell about just how annoying it is, since their hyperactive dogs like to chase anything and everything they come across. However, they all agree on the same thing: taking a dog on a hike will wear it out! Let it run around in the woods for a bit and you will have an evening of peace.

So this hike is dedicated to you stressed out dog owners! A quick, not-so-leisurely hike that you can access from the Town Lift area.

Trails: Sweeney's Switchbacks, Flat Cable, South Sweeney's

Duration: 1 hour

Length: 2.25 miles

Difficulty: Advanced

Don't forget: Your dog, its leash, water (for you and for your dog), and your Mountain Trails Foundation map.

I accessed this trail from Upper Norfolk Avenue in the neighborhood south of Town Lift. Norfolk runs directly into Sweeney's Switchbacks as you walk toward the Town runs. Another option is accessing it from the trails leading up the mountain from the Town Lift Plaza and following the trail as it leads to the right.

2trailhead (2trailhead)

This trail is initially a bit rocky, but don't worry. Eventually, the trail leads into a beautifully forested area that is a bit reminiscent of Little Red Riding Hood. Don't worry, though, you won't come across any huntsmen or wolves!

At the first fork you come to, stay left! This fork isn't labeled on the map. I accidentally took a right and got a bit lost and was forced to backtrack. Follow any sign that you see to continue on Sweeney's! 

The second fork you come to is where you will take a right onto Flat Cable. You'll spend about a mile on Flat Cable as it switchbacks up the mountain, through trees and up King's Crown run. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for some wildlife! We saw some deer on the ski run, but before I could get a great picture of them, Bacon took off up the run after them. 

3deer (3deer)

After getting Bacon to come back, we continued to wind through the trees and ran into some summer adventures.

4slide (4slide)

Follow Flat Cable to the left until it hits South Sweeney's. Your dog should be slowing down a bit by this point. If he hasn't, I'd recommend taking a right and heading up to Loose Moose. But I didn't feel like accidentally overexerting my friend's dog, so we took South Sweeney's back down the mountain.

South Sweeney's let us off at King Road, and by the time we walked back to Bacon's house, he was sleepy and happy. Mission accomplished.