Trailblazer Tuesday: Biathlon

This past weekend, Gorgoza Park hosted the Powdr Shot Biathlon, a two-day event featuring trail running and mountain biking. The concept is simple: run or ride, shoot an air rifle at a target, and run or ride some more!

Both events (Saturday was trail running and Sunday was mountain biking) featured three different divisions: expert, intermediate and beginner. All divisions ran the same course, but your division determined how many laps you would take. Experts took five, intermediate took four and the beginners three. After each lap, you would stop at the targets to shoot five rounds at five targets. For each shot you missed, you would have to take a penalty lap. The penalty laps could make or break your victory and claim to the top of the podium.

Check out the gallery below for pictures of both days, and get training for when the series returns in September! Register online at