Trailblazer Tuesday: Jenni's Trail

**UPDATE: We're celebrating the grand opening of Park City Mountain Resort's brand new Jenni's Trail Friday, Aug 31 at 1 p.m. Come help us welcome the newest addition to Park City's wonderful trail system! The grand opening is free and open to the public, join us at the top of the paved path leading from the resort's base area to the Flying Eagle Zip Line, just onto First Time run. We'll be cutting the ribbon at 1 p.m. and hope to see you there!**

You might remember that a few months ago, Park City was named the world's first Gold Level Ride Center by the International Mountain Biking Association. That basically translates to, "Park City has a killer trail system." Of course us Parkites have always thought that, but it's great to be recognized by outsiders.

One of the best characteristics of our trail system is that every year, it is constantly improving with new trails. To contribute to this ever-diversifying trail system, Park City Mountain Resort has been working on cutting a new trail that will allow hikers and bikers to easily trek from the top of PayDay to the base area (or vice versa!), without needing to use an access road.

So without further ado, I present Jenni's Trail! The marketing team at Park City Mountain Resort went on a preliminary hike of Jenni's Trail to preview this new one for you, so we hope you enjoy our adventure and get out there to do it yourself when it opens, scheduled for Saturday, after some final touches are made to the trail.

Trail: Jenni's Trail
Duration: 4.7 miles total, but we only hiked the first 2.5 miles to PayDay Mid Station
Difficulty: Intermediate
Don't forget: Water, camera and a ticket for the ZipRiderTM

Jennis Trail Map

Jenni's Trail starts off of the path under the Flying Eagle and ZipRiderTM. It's pretty difficult to miss once you get to First Time face, since it is a newly cut trail. From here, the trail winds up the mountain, through the aspens and across ski runs. You'll hit Crescent Mine Grade, where you'll continue straight through that intersection. Turning left or right will put you on CMG. (Bad idea. Trek CMG some other time!)


On our way up, we ran into these guys, just hanging out in the middle of the trail, munching on the shrubbery.


As we stood there for 20 minutes, trying to remember our moose safety lessons as we waited for the moose to leave the trail, we were able to take a nice, short water break and soak up the scenery.

All in all, it took us about 1:30 to reach Mid Station of PayDay, including our moose hold. You can continue up Jenni's Trail to the top, taking John's and Sweeney's Switchbacks down. We decided it would be more fun to take a zip ride.


We hope you make it to Park City Mountain Resort for Jenni's Trail, scheduled to open on Saturday after a few final spruce-up touches! We'll keep you posted on its official opening.