Trailblazer Tuesday: John's Trail

Let's face it. We have exciting summer activities. We obviously have rad skiing and riding in the winter. But if you haven't checked out our terrain with a good old pair of hiking shoes or a mountain bike in the summer, you're seriously missing out. Over the next several weeks, Meisha and I will be letting you guys in on the secrets of some of our favorite trails that span Park City, so hopefully you'll take advantage of some of our tips. This week, I hiked one of my favorite short and sweet routes off of Town Lift.

Trails: John's Trail and Sweeney's Switchbacks

Duration: Approximately 1 hour, 45 minutes (including the lift ride to reach the trailhead)

Difficulty: Intermediate to advanced hiking

Make sure you bring:

  • Water
  • Granola bar (especially if you do this hike right after work, like I did)
  • Sturdy hiking shoes

It might be a decent idea to bring your Mountain Trails Foundation map just in case you somehow get turned around and lost, but this hike is pretty straightforward.

Take Town Lift up to start at the top of John's Trail, not to be confused with John's 99. Riding the lift up is a great way to get quicker, easier access to some trails that would take you a good chunk of time (and a lot of uphill hiking) to get to on foot. When you get off of Town Lift, the John's Trail trailhead is to your left and up a small hill with a short dirt path. Once you find the trailhead, you just keep trucking on that trail for most of the way down the mountain.

John's Trail

This trail features a beautiful grove of Aspen trees the majority way through the hike, which makes this hike also beautiful in the fall when the autumn colors are in full force.

John's Trail Aspens

Also, the trail winds around to open on the grassy runs at Park City Mountain Resort, giving a beautiful view of the lower Park City area.

Park City

The trail eventually dead ends into Sweeney's Switchbacks, where you will take a left to follow that trail the rest of the way to the Town Lift Base. This is where, unfortunately, the trail has been very heavily traveled and turns pretty rocky and occasionally steep, so I'd recommend using some caution when you get to the lower half of this hike. Take your time and step with care. I know the view of Park City is gorgeous throughout this section, but it's really not worth falling and breaking your arm, so get some sure footing before you stop and stare.

View of Town

I love John's Trail, and it's a great short hike to take in the late afternoon before grabbing some dinner. Well, what are you waiting for?