Trailblazer Tuesday Returns with a Spiro Loop

Trailblazer Tuesday is back! I was stoked to get my hiking shoes and Camelbak out of storage to present you with a fun, challenging hike, until I realized just how out-of-shape I am. Whoops. I had to reevaluate and find a hike that is a good starter hike for the beginning of the season. I opted for a solid, decently short intermediate hike involving Spiro, one of Park City's most popular trails.

TrailMap Revisions

Trails: Jenni's Trail, Crescent Mine Grade, Eagle, Spiro and Silver Spur

Length: 3.8 miles
Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate
You'll need: Water and your dog (as this is a very dog-friendly hike)

As I've mentioned in some of my previous Trailblazer posts, I have a serious problem with getting lost on some of these trails. The best part of this hike is how easy it is: every time you get to a trail crossing (not a road), hang a right. This path is incredibly straightforward, and you would really have to try to get lost.

To begin this hike, you'll access Jenni's Trail from the Park City Mountain Resort Base Area and First Time Face. This portion of Jenni's is uphill-only, so make sure you take this trail the way I'm describing it and not backwards. Jenni's Trail was cut two years ago, and as it's pretty new, it's still pretty wide and easy navigate. Jenni's zigzags through the 3 Kings terrain park, and since it's still pretty early in the summer, there are several mounds of snow where the jumps were located all winter. One of the larger mounds you'll come across is actually right in the center of the trail. Just hike up and around the snow, and you'll find Jenni's again next to the trees on the other side of the run.


The first trail crossing you'll come to is Crescent Mine Grade (CMG), just after you get past the First Time Lift. Hang a right! It's a pretty sharp turn (maybe 30 degrees). From here, you'll continue a steady grade uphill, hiking past the Eagle Chairlift and its midstation. The next trail intersection is another sharp turn onto Eagle. From Eagle on, you'll be hiking downhill. Follow Eagle until it deadends into Spiro. While descending Spiro, you'll come across a lot of mountain bikers heading downhill. Be aware of them, and use your hiking manners and share the trail.

Eventually, Spiro ends into a fork: Silver Spur and "To Armstrong". Make sure you take the right and slight uphill to Silver Spur. This will take you right back to the 3 Kings park, Eagle Superpipe and Base Area. Later in the summer, Silver Spur cuts through the Superpipe. Right now, the pipe walls are still big piles of snow. I'd recommend taking the dirt road when it crosses Silver Spur before you reach the pipe to avoid the snow. The road will take you back to the Main Base Area.

This loop is perfect for a lunch break hike, quick walk with your dog, or just to get some great views of the mountain.