Trailblazer Tuesday: Steps

Mid-September in Park City is that great time of year when the weather is mild, the leaves start changing colors and the subtle chill in the breeze gets everyone a little bit antsy for winter. This week, I wanted to take my hiking to the top of a ridge to check out a great view of town, along with seeing the fall colors that have been spreading through the trees over the last few weeks. I wasn't really shooting for getting a decent workout in this time around, but boy, did I ever.

Trail: Steps
Duration: About 2.5 hours
Difficulty: Advanced
Don't Forget: Water and your camera 

I've heard about Steps from a coworker, since he enjoys doing this trail on a mountain bike. The trail sounded good to me, since it ends at the top of Crescent Ridge, and what I was looking for this week was a great view. I opted for hiking, as I'm a pretty klutzy person who isn't that great with technical riding.


The fun part about Steps is that it starts at Bonanza Lift, which gives you a variety of options for accessing it. I opted for riding Town Lift up, but you could easily take PayDay Lift, or hike John's, Mid Mountain or Jenni's to its start. From the bottom of Bonanza, you'll take Drift Road up to the start of Steps. This trail winds off to the right, cutting through the trees and switchbacking up to the top of Crescent Ridge. This takes less than a half hour. It's a pretty rocky trail in some spots, so make sure you watch your footing and are wearing some shoes with solid traction. 

Once you get off of Steps and are on the ridge, take in the scenery!


The other side gives you a glimpse of the Park City Mountain Resort terrain normally hidden from view in the summer.


I sat at the top for a bit, soaking in the sights while in the shade of Crescent Lift, reminiscing about winter and getting pumped up for this upcoming season. 

To get back down, I just took Steps back. At the end of Steps, you get those choices again: Jenni's, John's, Mid Mountain, PayDay, Town or any other way you think could be fun. Bust out that Mountain Trails map and have some fun! As for me, I just want to get my skis tuned and have the snow start flying.