Trailblazer Tuesday: Tommy's Two Step

With the addition of Crescent Lift in our summer operations, the team here at Park City Mountain Resort had some work to do to cut a few more trails to gain access to the popular trails that run through our mountain. One of these is Tommy's Two Step, an intermediate trail that runs in the same area as Steps (its advanced counterpart).


Trail: Tommy's Two Step
Duration: 1.3 miles
Difficulty: Easy to Intermediate
Don't Forget: Good shoes and a ride up Crescent Lift

Tommy's Two Step is accessed via Crescent, and the views from the top of Crescent Ridge are breathtaking. It's amazing having a new angle of the mountain from a lift in the summer.


Once at the top of Crescent, you'll walk straight off of the lift and follow the road down toward the Viking Yurt. Hang a left - this is the run that takes you over to Silver Queen in the winter - and you'll see the new Mountain Trails post marking the beginning of Tommy's Two Step.


From here, follow the trail! It winds through the aspens and across a few meadows. It's incredibly welcoming and easy to navigate as it is a new trail that is freshly cut. It even takes you under Bonanza Chair.


I will say, it does get a little complicated toward the end. When Tommy's Two Step and Steps meet, you have several options for continuing on your hike or ride. If you want to go back up and take Crescent Chair down, head up Steps, which is to the left. Continue to the right on the remainder of Tommy's Two Step if you want to continue to Mid Mountain Trail. Once on Mid Mountain, you can navigate your way to Jenni's and hike the rest of the way down the mountain, or take Town Lift instead. Endless possibilities, and it's sure to be a great afternoon out on the mountain!