Ski Trip Pack List

I wanted to create you a cheat sheets for easy packing for your ski trip. Note that I only recommend one ski outer layer, but several base- and mid-layers, but if you only ski a few times a year, less amount base-layers is OK - especially if you can wash them during your trip. I actually usually bring two ski jackets and extra ski pants too, because, well... I don't want to dress in the same clothes every day! But there is no need to buy more than one set - good quality ski wear will dry overnight. But I do recommend an extra pair of gloves. Read my other post about ski clothing essentials to learn more about the must have skiing clothing and accessories to bring in the slope. 

I also created another packing list for other items you might want to bring along for your ski trip. Most of them are a common sense, and something that you probably always travel with, but a few things to note... I recommend a small coin/card purse so you don't have to take your wallet to the slopes. Hydration pack is great - you can fill it with water and get a drink whenever. Usually they have plenty of storage so you won't even need another backpack. In addition to water, remember sunscreen, lip balm and snacks for your ski day. And bring your iPod, MP3 Player or iPhone - I truly think I ski better when listening good music, but I'm sure it's not scientifically proven, but music will make skiing even more fun, whether you fill your player with dance tunes, rock'n'roll or relaxing classical music (me? Little bit of everything).