2018 Easter Celebration & Golden Easter Egg Hunt


It's that time of year again! Follow the clues to the golden Easter egg with a 2018-2019 Epic Pass.

This golden egg is one of four golden prize eggs hidden across the entire mountain on Easter, April 1st. Each of the other three golden eggs will also include a prize from Verizon or Helly Hansen! The clues released each day on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram will lead golden egg hunters only to the location of the golden egg with a 2017/2018 Epic Pass. They do not lead you to the location of the other three golden eggs.

Clue #1:

The halter is buckled
And the reins are in your hands
But you ain’t going anywhere
Without a saddle in the plans

Clue #2:

Diamonds are too sharp
And circles just don’t fit
Stick to the squares
To have a better go at it

Clue #3:

Keep your feet on the ground
And your skis pointed down
Because a storm this close
Could knock you around

Clue #4:

Grab your skis or snowboard
Buckle or lace your boots
Tomorrow you'll want to follow
The song of an ancient flute

Please arrive ready to hunt on April 1st as each egg hunt begins promptly at 9:00AM, including children's egg hunts in the base areas. An additional 7,000 colorful Easter eggs filled with candy, toys, and Park City prize vouchers will also be distributed around the resort for guests of all ages to seek during the All-Mountain Egg Hunt. 

All Easter festivities begin promptly at 9:00am:

Park City Mountain Village

Canyons Village


Ages 5 and Under
Park City Mountain Ski Way

Ages 5 and Under

Canyons Village Day Care Lawn

Ages 6 – 12

First Time Run (Lift access required)

Ages 6 – 12

Canyons Village Forum

All Ages
All-Mountain Egg Hunt
Hunt for the Golden Eggs

All Ages
All-Mountain Egg Hunt
Hunt for the Golden Eggs


All ages
Legacy Lodge closed for egg prizing

All Ages

Canyons Village Guest Services closed for egg prizing