A Look Back at the 2017-18 Winter Season

The season has officially come to a close, but that won’t stop us from dreaming about the days of carving the morning’s fresh groomers, living for the powder, and finding any excuse to après every day. Join us as we venture down memory lane with some of our favorite moments of the 2017-18 winter season—



The Gun Show
Instagram: @_austinstjohn_


 We can't possibly look back at our favorite moments from this winter without first thanking our snowmakers for laying the groundwork. From grueling physical work to long overnight hours, we owe so much of our successful season to their hard work. Thank you, guys!


Tiny Universe, Big Stage
by Andrew Braden


The first 30 days of skiing and riding were matched with giveaways, après in the village, and live concerts. As long as we had a pair of skis or shoulders to ride on, we were there!


A Lesson on Carving
by Rob Bossi


You know when you see a picture of your best friend doing something awesome and it makes you feel so proud that they're your best friend? Well, that's how pictures of National Ability Center athletes make us feel! We look forward to working with you guys for years to come!


Open for Business
by Dan Campbell


McConkey's opened for the season right after a storm layed down some fresh snow for us. Nothing beats fresh tracks.


Perks of the Job
Instagram: @stosi_imax


 Waking up early was a whole lot easier with views like this.


Showing Us How It's Done
Instagram: @terjetornado


The all-new Pick Axe terrain park opened for the first time this season, but six year-old Terje already had it dialed.


A Family That Shreds Together, Stays Together
by Dan Campbell


 Milo Porter leading the way for his family on the 13-inch powder day on February 15th.


Product Testing
by Dan Campbell


Ski Patrol Supervisor, Matt Chaffin, making sure the 18 inches of powder we got over two days in mid-February wasn't too deep for the rest of us. Thanks for always keeping us safe, Matt! ;)


Watch and Learn
by Dan Campbell


Junior riders, rocking the fearlessness and determination of the athletes in PyeongChang, competed in slopestyle and halfpipe events at this year's Rev Tour in February. 


by Rob Bossi


Owen Porter's favorite moments from this season were: skiing, spraying our photographers with snow, and hot chocolate breaks.

Spring It On
by Dan Campbell


We were welcomed into spring at the beginning of March with 8 inches of fresh powder!


Pink Park City
by Charles Uibel


In our inaugural year of Pink Park City, we exceeded the fundraising goal with over $80,000 going to cancer research at the Huntsman Cancer Institute!


Our Wettest Pond Skim Yet
by Dan Campbell


And last but not least, we finished off the season with our wettest Pond Skim yet! Can't wait to do it all again and more next year!